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Below is a list of frequently asked questions relating to the Portfolio element. Click on a frequently asked question to view the answer.

Why do I need a portfolio, how will it benefit me?
If the NMC ask for my portfolio for renewal of my NMC registration, can they access it online from the nipec portfolio site?
What happens to my portfolio once I have it completed?
Can anyone else read my NIPEC portfolio?
Forgotten login
What happens if I leave the information I am recording on the portfolio for a short break and it times out and does not save what I have entered?
Do I have to keep an e-portfolio for revalidation or can my information be kept in a manual (paper) format?
Should the record of my reflective discussion be stored in paper format rather than electronically in my portfolio?
I previously registered with the Development Framework (DF); how do I recover my information in the new online portfolio?
The portfolio pages are not displayed properly and information is not uploading/saving/ or printing off correctly; how can I sort this?
Where do I record my scope of practice?
When recording practice hours how many hours count as full time?
How do I find my CPD reflections which were saved in the Development Framework (DF) website?
How do I know whether to register on the nurse portfolio or the midwife portfolio?
I have been entering my revalidation details on to the NIPEC website; can this portfolio be printed?
Is the NIPEC portfolio acceptable for purposes of revalidation?
To Add a Revalidation period, is the start date the next date Iím due to revalidate?
I have completed a Midwifery Supervision Review and need to edit it to reflect the NMC reflective questions?
Is there a way to change from a student account to a nurse/midwife account now that I have graduated as a nurse/midwife?
The information that I have entered is not showing within the NMC download template pack
I can't find my reflections that were created between May 2015 and March 2016
My Supervisor of Midwives cannot see my supervision review that I sent to them
I am unable to upload an email as evidence when clicking on browse
Can I delete a revalidation period?
When I try to download my reflective accounts to my Apple Mac to print it off it won't let me open the document as it says it doesn't support RTF documents.