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NIPEC Portfolio Introduction

Welcome to this website Introduction. It will help you get the best from the NIPEC Portfolio Website. The Website is designed to support all Nurses, Midwives and Specialist Community Public Health Nurses in Northern Ireland with personal and professional development and is free to access.

Logging in & Logging Out

If you are having login problems and the system seems to log you out this could be because of the 'cookies' settings on your PC. NIPEC uses 'Session Cookie' technology to allow the web page to track you while you are logged in for the session. If your browser has cookies disabled then you will not be able to successfully login to the NIPEC site.

The Explorer browser has the option to disable cookies and on early versions this was disabled by default. To switch cookies on go to the Explorer menu and select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. If your settings are higher than Medium-Low then you will need to reduce this level. Alternatively you can select the 'Advanced' option and select "Always allow session cookies".

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